Latinx/a/o in Higher Education

12 Mar

This month the book I was fortunate enough to co-author a chapter with Gerardo Ochoa from Linfield College was officially launched. The chapter is entitled Pursuing the Dream: Policy, Practice, and Broken Promises for Undocumented Students. Here is the abstract of the chapter. Undocumented college students are affected by U.S. federal, state, and institutional policies […]

Hiring for Diversity Part 3

28 Oct


In previous posts I discussed reviewing your data for the types of hiring pools you have had and determining whether you need to increase the diversity of the pool. The next step is to come up with a strategy for increasing the number of applicants from underrepresented groups. An early step is to review the […]

Immigration Advocacy

29 Aug

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending an event at Quest Church in Seattle where Alexia Salvatierra was speaking. She shared with us what we can do as a congregation/individually to advocate for immigrants and reform. What follows are the areas she highlighted. I share these because many times when I present on […]

Hiring for Diversity Part 2

20 Aug


  This is the continuation of a previous post. Once targets have been established, the institution needs to assess what their applicant pools have historically looked like. Some institutions do an excellent job of tracking this data; others do not. If you have the data, great; if not, then you will need to start tracking […]

Hiring for Diversity Part 1

12 Aug

A question that I have received a number of times over the years that I have been involved in leading diversity efforts is, “What are some things we can do to hire more ethnically diverse faculty candidates?” As I have reflected on this question and my experience on various search committees I have come to […]

Reflections of a first generation college graduate

27 Jul

     On June 14th I sat at our commencement ceremony at Key Arena in Seattle. This was my first year participating in Seattle Pacific University’s commencement. About a week prior our campus had been rocked by a shooting, so I was already in an emotional state, but the ceremony prompted a reflection for me. As […]

Transforming the Higher Education Landscape

24 Mar

This last week I attending the annual National Association of Student Personnel Administrators conference in Baltimore. I had the honor of presenting with three of my colleagues, Dr. Michelle Espino (U. of Maryland), Dr. Juan Guardia (Northeastern Illinois University), and Dr. Ignacio Hernandez (CSU Fresno). The title of our presentation was Transforming the Higher Education […]

Martin Luther King Jr. & Malcolm X

20 Jan

What follows is a previous blog post that I wrote in 2011. It is important that we talk about and reflect on how these two men’s lives began to intersect in the latter stages of their lives. This Monday our country will be commemorating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  In light of […]

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

30 Dec

During the spring 2013 semester I was interviewed by Edward Gilbreath for a book he was working on. He asked me how I was engaging with MLK’s Letter from A Birmingham Jail. I shared with him that I recently used it as a way to frame a presentation I gave on the need for comprehensive […]

Articulating values in creating organizational change in the area of diversity

18 Dec

A few years ago I was involved in assisting a group of researchers (George J. Byrtek & Mark Dickerson) to conduct a research project using for a case study the institution I was serving as the Chief Diversity Officer. Below is the abstract and link to the article related to their findings. The literature on […]